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A Pimento-Flecked World


Drawing of a slice of cheeseVia Coolhunting, I was happy to discover the drawings of Stephen Floyd, whose work emits a cheerful ambiguity. Through drawn words and images, Floyd simultaneously captures and comments on artifacts of American culture, such as "American Cheese," shown here.

Floyd's work will be exhibited in a solo show called "I Love America and America Loves Me" at the Heist Gallery in New York through December 18. The exhibit appears to concentrate on his drawings, many of which can be seen here. However, I noticed from a visit to Floyd's website that he does work in other media, notably, panties. I recommend to you his work, "world's prettiest fuckin' panties," on view in the cut-outs section of the artist's website.

Billboard of olive loaf on snow covered mountainOn first viewing, I was very taken with Floyd's drawing entitled "olive loaf." Floyd has also created a pair of cut-out panties featuring the olive loaf pattern. Most impressively, Floyd has blown up his "olive loaf" drawing to billboard size, and situated his work on the side of a highway, as seen in the photo at right.

Floyd's blog points to a reaction to the billboard in a local paper, which observed, "Perhaps it is guerrilla art."

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