Carried Away


While reading Wonder Woman #25 I became lost in these two panels, showing Wonder Woman carrying a woman to safety.
Wonder Woman flying with a woman in her arms

It's a common superhero pose, flying through the air supporting another person. Something about this rendering, though, struck me as being really romantic. Maybe it's the soft look on the face of the woman being saved, or maybe it's Wonder Woman's matter-of-factness and the strength of that supporting hip. There's nothing lesbian or subtexty about the story here. It's just a pose that captured my imagination.

A wounded Wonder Woman carried by Donna Troy.In Wonder Woman #27, my eye was caught by the image of Donna Troy carrying a wounded Diana. While this image is more pitiful, the moment of rescue depicted also appeals to my sense of romance. Here, one woman exhibits strength and fortitude as she tends to the well-being of another.

Flying gives the upper image an otherworldly aspect. The feet-on-the-ground pose in the lower image makes the act of one woman carrying another appear real. It's unusual to see one woman carry another, in real life or in art, but certainly not impossible. But because it is so uncommon, these pictures leapt out at me.


This kind of thinking is destroying the American Family.

JoeG is right: we need to bring back the Queen of the May, aka the Blessed Virgin Mary. I wonder how a blue robe looks flying about in the wind? Can you imagine all the Catholic gals looking for a ride across the sky with the Virg!
The VIRG, the true wonder woman! I LIKE IT! Can we do a comic?