Hear from the Birthday Girl


Frau Tottenkinder looks menacingMy old buddy Joe called me on my recent birthday (October 12, if you're wondering) and recorded our conversation for his podcast, Bored Beyond Belief.

For reasons that escape me, Joe decided to edit out all of his portion of the conversation, so the podcast is almost all me chattering, even though Joe prompted me with questions he planned for the podcast. Those questions included:
"Are you really going through menopause or are you just having sympathetic menopause with your girlfriend?" and "Have you pushed any children in public lately?"

If you don't have time to listen to the podcast, Joe did a fairly good job of summarizing my thoughts on his blog. Although we started talking about menopause, somehow the conversation drifted towards feminism and politics. We end with a discussion that reveals my secret identification with one of the witches featured in the comic book Fables, Frau Tottenkinder, pictured here.

Also, thanks to all those who sent me birthday wishes via Twitter or Facebook.


HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TERESA! I'll mail you a blow-up kid to knock over or a ticket to Cruise Childless.
I went to a support group for menopause, and it was there at age 45 that I learned the hot flashes, new schedule of periods, pond forming between my breasts at night were called peri-menopause symptoms, not menopause. Menopause is when all is said and done... of course it never is: at age 57 I still have sweats, and flashes, but alas the period scedule did 'meno' its way away by age 51-ish.. I found when I started an Atkins diet once in my late forties.. my period started coming regularly again. Must have been all those hormones in the meats I was eating.. Screw Atkins. I stopped the diet. But an interesting study for women who want to keep their periods... Btw, speaking of Palin and Periods.. that late-life baby of hers is a no-no in the peri-menopausal society. She surely must have been ignoring her peri-symptoms. Too busy screwing with the wolves, I guess... And they say she's a bright woman? I wonder if she'll mind her new son being on welfare and disabilities when he hits his 18th birthday. I bet not. I worked with these people, I know their financial futures and they certainly don't jive with her anti-socialism-welfare-assistance agenda for 2008. Funny how these things come home to roost, eventually. Now, why don't you go get 'busy' with yourself.

Thanks for the belated birthday wishes Fran. I like the idea of "Cruise Childess." I could see a whole line of services like that. There is a pressing need for Dine Childless in my book. Perhaps the correct lingo is child-free?