2D Robot Art

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A cleaning robot follows Wall-EThe Cute Little Red-Headed Girlfriend and I went to see Wall-E over the July 4th weekend. I recommend staying for the closing credits, which shows the history of Western art in 2D animation, with robots. Beginning with cave paintings of robots, the history passes through ancient forms such as mosaics to wall frescos to impressionist works and right down to present day pixel art. Wall-E is a demonstration of the state of the art of CGI animation, but the ending is a sweet reminder of the pleasures of 2D. After you've seen the credits, stay for the movie's final frame for an extra joke right at the very end.

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OOOOO, robot art. Wasn't Wall-e wonderful? What a treat. There's a lot of things that are very wrong with this world in general, and our country in particular but then you look around and realize what truly separates us from the animals is our art. Our music, our architecture, her literature, our drawings and it brings a little tear to my eye to see what we are capable of accomplishing and I feel a little bit - not too much - because I'm too depressed over all that is going on - proud.