Things Past

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Yves Saint Laurent wearing bulky glassesI was sad to hear about Yves Saint Laurent's passing last week. He was a fashion icon for me back in the day. I'm not talking about his women's wear, but rather his own personal style. He had a proto-nerdcore look going on that I really liked. I copied it by purchasing a pair of eyeglasses just like his.

The obituary in the L.A. Times reminded me of why I was so drawn to Saint Laurent's person in the first place. There's a quote from his former partner, Pierre Berge, on Saint Laurent's personality: he was "born with a nervous breakdown." That is a description of someone I could spend time with. And then there's Saint Laurent's own testimony that he had "known those fair-weather friends we call tranquilizers and drugs." By a strange coincidence, I have known those fair-weather friends, too.

I used to lust like crazy after Saint Laurent's homes--all of them, but especially his Paris pad. Some thoughtful soul has gone ahead and scanned in some pictures so you can see for yourself how lovely the interiors were.

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I watched a documentary on Canadian CTV last night on Yves. I didn't know much about him, but was amazed at all of his firsts: like the cultural all black fashion show, among other cultures; bringing back the forties-look even though he was put down for bringing back the look of a painful time ie Hitler. His tuxes for women, he was the first: inspired by the lesbain clique women of the earlier decades!! And he won a lawsuit when his wonderful idea of women in tuxes was stolen by another famous designer--?? can someone tell me, was it Ralph Lauren? His work was magnifique. I would have loved Yves up to a point, until my head would hurt from bobbing up and down listening to his world, then I'd ask him to go home. lol They said Catherine Denevueve (sp) was his muse.