If the slipper fits


You may recall reading about the loss of my bedroom slippers recently. Having come to terms with this loss, I decided to go to one of my favorite stores on the web, Zappo's, to see if I could find a new pair for myself.

Fuzzy bootieMy search was immediately rewarded when I stumbled across a cozy looking pair with the improbable name "Teresa." That is the name of the slipper, which you see pictured here in lavender, although it also comes in cheetah. It seemed like a true victory for one-to-one-marketing; I mean, the slipper actually had my name on it!

Slipper decorated with brocadeI browsed the slippers at Zappo's some more and I came across yet another winner: "Carmen." As you can see from the image shown here, "Carmen" projects a different image than "Teresa." If I had to chose a single word to describe that image, I think it would be "pretentious." It's generally not a good quality in humans but I think it's alright in footwear.

Sexy black slipperI was pondering whether my personality is more like the comfy and cute "Teresa" or the somewhat masculine but fruity "Carmen" when I came across "Xena." Naturally, part of me wanted to get "Xena," seen in the image shown here as a svelte black model with faux fur trim. Yet as I reflected on how well the sexy "Xena" suited me compared to frumpy "Teresa" and uptight "Carmen," I found my conclusions did not please me.

"Xena" was just a little too attractive for its own good. "Xena" was forcing me to come face to face with my own inadequacies, my own inability to live up to the larger-than-life image of Xena as represented in this moderately priced bedroom slipper. Who needs that much grief from a slipper? So I browsed some more, hoping I might find a comforting "Gabrielle" slipper to cheer me up. Sadly, I found nothing.

Since I did my first browsing, the "Xena" slipper has sold out. I'm still trying to choose between "Teresa" and "Carmen." If you have a preference as to which one you think I should get, please let me know in the comments section.


How do the Teresas breathe? They look like they're made for taking a stroll on the tundra. They'd be too much for me, and I live in Canada.

I think you were right to pass on the Xenas. They seem impractical.

The Carmens win by default. They seem as if they would keep your toes toasty while staying roomy. Add a smoking jacket and you'd be set.

I do not like any of the slippers you chose. Pick something similar to the ones I already stole. The audacity, the absolute audacity of creating such a high femme slipper like that and naming it XENA is an outrage. Do I place pictures of the new Pope Benedict and call him the Evil Emperor? Even though there's far more similiarites to their faces (and behavior - did you hear now, how he wants to have a fight with Satan? Sheesh. This guy is a total loon and they wonder why people are moving further away from organized superstition... um, I mean religion.)

Anyway, to answer my question, I do not. Where is the similarity between those chintzy, frivolous, impracticial slippers to the kick ass woman warrior known as Xena? Are they trying to minimize the warrior woman? Put her in her place, so to speak, call attention to her unnaturalness, her abomination? To send the message that "WOMEN DO NOT KICK-ASS!" Only men do. All I have to say is that XENA RULES. And she ROCKS!!!!!!And I love her and she will love on long after those slippers.

Oh my, I think I've 'slipped' into a coma. Xena slippers remind me of the old grampa slippers that scuff along linoleum floors dragging the cat at the toe. Xena? Xena wouldn't wear slippers, unless they were made of crushed stones. Plus she has Gabielle to keep her toes warm. Carmen, well, I had to brighten the contrast on my PC to see the designs.... Carmen's look like rich ol grampa's slippers, but they'll smell of urine in short order. Now, let's talk Teresa. Lavender, a nice queer touch or Easter/Catholic colors. I'll let the Pope decide. They are comfy looking like extra large socks, seemingly lacking any support, so I can't imagine walking around in them ...but I can imagine 'slipping' around in them! I vote 'zapping' them all. Plus, my podiatrist said slippers make your feel older faster. :)

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