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A Strange and Alien Encounter

The hunky Neilalien posed for me.In case you were wondering if I did anything, anything at all, besides obsess over Lucy Lawless while I was in New York, the answer is: yes, I did. I went to see Ground Zero for the first time. (Probably the less said about that, the better.) And, I met with fellow blogger and insectoid man of mystery, Neilalien.

Neilalien was the first blogger who contacted me after I started In Sequence. He welcomed me as a fellow comics blogger at a time when the comics blogosphere did not exist yet; in fact, there were less than a handful of us. After so many years of maintaining a virtual friendship, it was so incredible to meet Neilalien in person to talk about blogging and comics and get in touch with what attracted me to the Internet in the first place.

It's wonderful when the promise of the Internet turns out to be as true as one hoped it would be.

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Heh, cool. I already live in NYC, but didn't get a chance to see/meet Lucy. Man I really hope I can get another chance.

So you obsess over Lucy Lawless too?


Which reminds me: we live within an hour and a half of each other and I've been commenting on this blog for a long time....


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