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On the Road Again

Lucy at the Canal Room posterOver this coming weekend, the Cute Little Red-Headed Girlfriend and I will be traveling to New York to see Lucy Lawless in concert. She's going to be performing this Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Canal Room downtown. Standing room tickets are available at the door; ticket info is available here. There's also a Xena convention going on this weekend in Secaucus, New Jersey.

We're going to be meeting up with other friends and fans coming in from various locales for the concert. Although we recently saw Lucy Lawless perform at the Roxy in Los Angeles, she's changed up some of the songs in her act as well the costumes. I'm really looking forward to seeing the liquid metal catsuit that's been designed for the New York concert. Looks kind of 7-of-9ish but I bet the Battlestar Galactica fans will love it as well.

I was excited to hear that comic Tig Nataro, who opened for Lucy in Los Angeles, is going to be the opener again in New York. And Renee O'Conner--whose very existence is like a balm that daily soothes my weary soul--is going to repeat her go-go dancing stint onstage during the concert. It's going to be hot and happening. If you are a Xena fan or a Lucy fan or a Renee fan and within driving distance of New York this weekend, you need to get yourself down to the Canal Room. Just don't obstruct my view.

You may recall that the Cute Little Red-Headed Girlfriend and I travelled to Palm Springs earlier this year to see Lucy sing at the Dinah Shore Weekend. Before you say anything, I just want my readers to know that I understand intellectually that traipsing all over the place to see Lucy Lawless is somewhat excessive. But we've both come to accept that we are powerless in this matter and have no choice but to follow Lucy around like two lovesick lesbian kittens. Make that two *adorable* *irresistible* lovesick lesbian kittens.
The kittehs want some love.

Don't get what the kittens are saying? You need to learn how to read their language. Learn the grammar of "kitteh" here; see examples here.
Back next week with all the deets!

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Excessive how? ;) I'm seriously envious!


I wish I could be excessive! I haven't been able to make it to one thing that Lucy has been at....conventions, concerts, the Dinah Shore weekend. You are one lucky duck!


Excessive or not it is completely awesome!!! Plus you get to see the area you are in, make new friends and meet up with all the old.


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