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Dinah Day 2: The PURE White Party

Lucy Lawless sings for the girlsAs I've stated before, the Cute-Little Red-Headed-Girlfriend and I were motivated to go to Dinah in the first place because Lucy Lawless was going to perform on stage. The next night, I stayed up until 4 am writing a report on the performance for AUSXIP, the comprehensive Xena fan site, and sent pictures in to the site in ones and twos through my gmail account on a slow wireless connection from my hotel room.

I thought about crossposting my report here, since it includes a detailed description of the PURE White Party. However, the report was really written for my hardcore sisters and brothers in the Xenaverse, so I'm once again just going to point anyone who's interested in reading it over there. If you're one of the new visitors coming to read about Dinah and you're interested in Lucy's singing, you should check out the performance videos on her website. She also has a gig coming up soon in New York.

Before the evening got started, however, the Cute-Little Red-Headed-Girlfriend concocted a complicated plan of attack for the party, which involved eating a precise amount of food at a certain hour, followed by a certain proportion of alcohol within a specified period of time. The liquor was flowing freely at the VIP Cocktail party thanks to the good folks at Finlandia Vodka, and before I knew it the Girlfriend was flying! And soon, everyone wanted to be our friend. People we barely knew were grasping the Girlfriend by the shoulders and screaming, "I looooove you!" and "You're so adorable!"

Entrance to the Pure White Party
Riding the crest of my Girlfriend's popularity when wasted, we met lots of really nice dykes that evening. And we had a fabulous time together. Everywhere around us, the women looked hot and were dancing and getting wild. Artificial snow whirled down on our heads, and here and there clothes were being removed on the dance floor while gorgeous teams of burlesque dancers performed erotic routines on stage.

The PURE White Party was one of the best parties I've ever attended. If only to recreate that experience, I'll be going back to Dinah Shore next year. Because for a few blissful hours at the PURE White Party, it was like lesbian endless summer, and the world was all sunshine and tits.

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the cute little redheaded grrlfriend:

Was I that big a hit? I had no idea. See what happens when you're having so much fun? Or was it all the bad drugs I did in the 60's? I can't remember.


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