Urban Vampire Geeks


A female killer posed against the night skyThe web zine 10 Zen Monkeys has published a transcription of "Girls Are Geeks Too," an audio interview conducted by RU Sirius with one writer and the editors of the book She's Such A Geek: Women Write About Science, Technology and Other Nerdy Stuff. I listened to the interview as a podcast on the Neofiles Show, but I know some people aren't into podcasts so if you're interested in the topic you can read the interview instead.

In one part of the interview, contributor Quinn Norton reads from the book her description of live-action role-playing a vampire character from the game Vampire in the midst of the city. While she is creeping around in character, she is seen by some children:

I, in all my weirdness, appeared out of nowhere and walked quickly by them. The parents never noticed me, but the kids did. They looked at where I’d come from, and then at me. They crouched in close to their parents and clutched one another. I looked over at them, opened my eyes wide, and gave them a slightly snarled smile.

She goes on to imagine the effect the encounter might have had on the children's imaginative lives thereafter. There's also a discussion of why vampires appeal to geeks. Don't they appeal to everybody?


The odd thing is that I've actually seen Teresa do this in real life, especially with groups of children milling about in museums. I'm not joking here.

I have no idea what you're talking about.