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Lucy Lawless in Concert

Reaction to LucyI like to think of myself as a tough dyke, I admit it. A bit intimidating. A bit of a bruiser. All the more reason to be stunned at the effect Lucy Lawless had on me and a crowd of women like me when she took the stage at the Roxy. I felt like a wound-up toddler--overstimulated, whimpering, incapable of rational speech, at times almost on the verge of tears.

The Cute-Little-Red-Headed-Girlfriend and I got in line for the show roughly an hour before the doors opened. L.A. is experiencing some uncharacteristically cold weather, so we shivered in line in the low-30s air until we started to go numb. During my punk teen years, when busting into music clubs was weekly sport, I had once broken into the back of the Roxy when I couldn't get in by the front door. With the weather so cold, it was tempting to try it again.

While in line, I recognized a fellow blogger from her live-blogging of the Xena Con earlier in the day. I introduced myself and we chatted: she was covering the event for AfterEllen.com, so check out her report there when it goes up, as well as the great concert coverage on her site, Dogged Blog.

Lucy in command on stageMC Kat Crimins and comic Tig Nataro did a great job warming up the audience and set a conversational tone for the evening. Portions of the concert were like a traditional rock or pop concert, but there were often chatty interludes and long intros that reflected the tight relationship Lucy has with her fans.

Dogged Blog reports that there were some problems with the sound initially. Since I was in the mosh pit about two rows back from the stage, it wasn't something I noticed, since there's a "wall of sound" effect when you're standing that close. However, I did feel that throughout the night I heard aspects of Lucy's voice that I'd never heard before, both in the higher and lower registers. If this is the beginning of a music career, it's exciting to imagine what's to come.

Speaking of coming, as soon as Lucy hit that stage in her leather chaps, I felt a tight grip on my arm that just seemed to get tighter and squeeze harder with each refrain. It was my girlfriend, twisting my arm with excitement. As I watched Lucy grip the microphone and belt out one of her original songs, "Down on My Knees," I could feel the girlfriend start to sway next to me as she moaned in my ear "the hands, the hands" (she's obsessed with Lucy's well-endowed mitts, which she lovingly calls "her Frankenhands").

I'd heard one of Lucy's originals songs at another event, but this time around both of her original pieces really impressed me with how catchy they sounded. Even with an audience that's positively disposed towards a performer, it can be hard to get them to connect with a song they're not that familiar with. So I was surprised at how much I dug Lucy's rendition of the New Zealand pop song, "Maxine," a fact I can only attribute to her abilities as a singer.

Lucy shakes that thing in a white miniIn contrast, on well-known tunes that are easy to get wrong, like "Don't Let Me Down" and "Piece of My Heart," Lucy's performance was so strong that the audience went completely apeshit. It was full-on insanity. Lucy also had a great rapport with her band and her back-up singers (the two women were also very sexy). During a costume change, one of the back-ups, Sharlotte Gibson, came forward to do a very rockin' performance of an original song.

The back-up singers also appeared to be having fun with the audience. I really liked it when Lucy stripped off her top shirt, revealing a tank underneath and threw it at one of her back-up singers. In the spirit of Lucy worship that permeated the evening, the female singer held the sweaty garment to her face and inhaled deeply and joyously before throwing it backstage. (I yelled at her to throw it to me, but alas, no.)

There was good news from the concert, as well as some bad. Lucy is going to be appearing on Curb Your Enthusiasm (yay!). On the downside, Lucy's appearance at the Dinah Shore Weekend, which was originally supposed to be on Saturday, has been moved to Friday and she's only been asked to do three songs, not a full set. (Private to organizers: Are you crazy? Fix it, fix it now.)

Don't forget, you can still get tickets for tonight.

Concert photos appearing on this page are all Copyright 2007 Gregg DeGuire / lucylawless.info. Thanks to Mary D. for letting me use them here. For tons more photos and other reports, check out Mary's site. For more coverage of Lucy on In Sequence, do a search for "Lucy" or "Xena." She's all over the place.

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tough dyke eh, Teresa? :)


Great report mate.


What can I say? My self-perception has been shattered. And I enjoyed every minute of it.
Glad you liked the report, Mary.

ooooooooh, thanks for the update on the concert.... I'm on the other side of the planet in Wales, UK, but if i'd been in the mosh pit I'm afraid to say I would have fainted at the first sight of Lucy walking on stage in leather and missed the rest of the concert!

Hello Susanne,

Thanks for dropping by! Yeah Lucy was so sexy dressed like that. Loved the belt buckle. You wouldn't have been out long if you'd fainted because the screaming would have wakened you. Love the UK but never been to Wales. One day!


excellant report on the concert!! I would have given anything to have been able to see Ms. Lucy's first concert. Are there going to be cd's made for fans who don't have the means to get to conventions and concerts??? thank you once again for your report and all the time you put into making sure all of us who love Lucy and Renee keeps updated. I read each and every e-mail and article I can, very informative. battle on :(

Hello waunita,
Thank you for coming by, and I'm glad you liked my report. There's going to be a DVD of the concert available for sale--the whole thing was taped. It will be available from the Creation Entertainment site. Lucy threw out some CDs at the concert--I believe it was two singles rather than a full CD. I did not get the CD at the merchandise table because I was too busy defending my position near the stage.

the cute little redheaded grrlfriend:

Oh, wasn't it just soooo wonderful to see themostbeautifulgirlinthewholewideworld? What perfection - what sexual energy. OMG!!! And those hands... those incredible fingers, the veins, the strength in those magnificent hands. The woman is well endowed, I must say. And that smile. Who can resist that smile of hers? It just lights up her whole being. What I find so amazing about Lucy is her true spirit of being so natural - so unlike who she is when she's on stage - in terms of her get-up. If anyone saw her videoblog after her show, you saw the real Lucy - she tore off everything that she wore on stage, her hair extensions, her makeup, her disco diva dress and sat, leg stretched out in a pair of loose fitting casual sweats, a t-shirt, chewing gum and being either high on life or alcohol - I couldn't tell which. I love that woman. Absolutely love her. I wish she would write something on her blog. She can't just leave us cold turkey. She's like a drug and we need a gradual withdrawal - not so sudden. I read somewhere she was going on vacation after this so I guess it'll be awhile before we hear from her. BWAHHHHHH!!!!

the cute little redheaded grrlfriend

Yes, well, it's kind of bittersweet hearing your own girlfriend rave about another woman, but you know I agree with you.


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