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Hither Came WildCimmerianBulldyke

Conan on a running bullI just signed up for an account at MyComicSpace, the social networking space for people interested in comics. I've taken my handle from the title of Dark Horse's Conan #32, "Wild Cimmerian Bull," the cover of which is shown here. If you're a reader and you currently have (or decide to start) a MyComicSpace account, please consider making WildCimmerianBullDyke your friend.

I like to think of myself roaming Cimmeria, "land of Darkness and deep Night," swishing my little bull tail behind me, stopping now and then to destroy a china shop or what have you. Bulls figure prominently in Conan's world; if you've been reading one of the other Dark Horse series, "Conan and the Songs of the Dead," you may have noticed that a bull penis is used as a key at a crucial point in the story.

I am very attached to Conan and was overjoyed to find a copy of Conan: the Ultimate Guide to the World's Most Savage Barbarian waiting for me under the Hannukah Bush/Christmas Tree. It's just what WildCimmerianBullDyke asked for.


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