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Sucks Redux

Now that Mel Gibson's latest movie seems to have lost steam, I think it would be a good time to remind my readers that In Sequence is one of the top destinations for "Mel Gibson Sucks" searches.

There was brief period this summer when In Sequence was in the #2 spot on Google for "Mel Gibson Sucks" searches but sadly that was not to last. It appears the Mel Gibson Sucks search space is a highly competitive one and it would be folly for anyone to assume they could stay on top for long.

Nonetheless, here is a review of this blog's top Mel Gibson Sucks offerings:

The worst intentions
This was my first foray into the Mel Gibson Sucks content space. In addition to the pleasing graphic, I give a brief recap of Gibson's history with gays and lesbians. Recently, Wired touched on the same subject in a nice overview called "Apocalypto: Myths and Facts":

MYTH: Mel Gibson is a homo.

FACT: Mel Gibson directs movies about mostly-naked men smeared in oil and blue paint who often run really fast so we can see their muscles flex or bend over and show off their ass cracks. Source: Apocalypto.

Have we all been blind? I feel I broke new ground in Mel Gibson Sucks searches with this entry, which provides concrete evidence of the largely unexplored Mel Gibson/Evil Bert connection.

This summer, during the heyday of my #2 position in Mel Gibson Sucks search results, I surprised myself by feeling a brief moment of sympathy for him. Gibson had just been arrested for drunk driving, and the press was going wild with it.

As I considered the pain Gibson was most likely going through, I turned to the Cute-Little-Red-Headed-Girlfriend and asked, "I wonder what Mel Gibson is doing right now?" We both looked northward towards Malibu, pensive.

After a minute of quiet contemplation, we both suddenly realized there was no need to worry ourselves any further. We knew exactly what Mel Gibson was doing right then. He was sucking.

Hither Came WildCimmerianBulldyke

Conan on a running bullI just signed up for an account at MyComicSpace, the social networking space for people interested in comics. I've taken my handle from the title of Dark Horse's Conan #32, "Wild Cimmerian Bull," the cover of which is shown here. If you're a reader and you currently have (or decide to start) a MyComicSpace account, please consider making WildCimmerianBullDyke your friend.

I like to think of myself roaming Cimmeria, "land of Darkness and deep Night," swishing my little bull tail behind me, stopping now and then to destroy a china shop or what have you. Bulls figure prominently in Conan's world; if you've been reading one of the other Dark Horse series, "Conan and the Songs of the Dead," you may have noticed that a bull penis is used as a key at a crucial point in the story.

I am very attached to Conan and was overjoyed to find a copy of Conan: the Ultimate Guide to the World's Most Savage Barbarian waiting for me under the Hannukah Bush/Christmas Tree. It's just what WildCimmerianBullDyke asked for.

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