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Halloween Trick

I've got a piece up at The Horror Blog that I hope my readers will go take a look at. I was asked to participate in a Halloween celebration featuring contributions from non-Horror bloggers about a "favorite scare." I wrote about an album from the punk era called "A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die." For graphic art fans, you might want to look at the original punk flyers I scanned to go with the article. Also, there's a picture of me as a little kid dressed in a Halloween costume that I think is at least worth a click.

I see The King of Coins in your future

Pixelated Wheel of Fortune card,The latest newsletter from Aeclectic Tarot contained several interesting decks, including an homage to video game art called 8-bit Tarot. I've shown a sample here of the "Wheel of Fortune" card. This is an unfinished deck, part of a work-in-progress scheduled to be exhibited in November 2007.

I also liked the Manga Deck, although I don't feel I'm enough of a fan of mainstream manga to be able to render an intelligent opinion on the translation of manga from comics to cards. However, Aeclectic Tarot does have several reviews of the deck on the site which shed light on different aspects of the deck's interpretation of Tarot. I thought it was particularly intriguing that the deck reversed traditionally gendered roles on the cards, so that female figures become males ones and vice versa.

Level 30 Bard

I would so play Arden, the MMOG reported on in Joystiq a few days ago. It's supposed to be based on the world of Shakespeare's plays, although it looks like the core world is going to stem from the history plays, with the War of the Roses being the central event.

I can see how the War of the Roses would be a good catalyst for game play, but my first thought when I heard the concept behind Arden was to consider which character I would play as. Unfortunately, my first set of choices would be from the comedies (Rosalind) or the tragedies (Iago), not the history plays. But I guess it's about the world, not the specific characters.

On the Anglo side of my family history, I have ancestors who participated in both sides of the War of the Roses, so I guess I can't draw on that background to choose a side in the game. It's certainly strange to imagine participating in a virtual recreation of an event that my family members might have had a hand in hundreds of years ago.

It's also interesting to think how much time I spent in junior high school deliberately not paying attention to my teacher explaining the War of the Roses during European History class, yet now I'd willing hand over my spare time to play a game based on those same events.

Damien 4: Shut Up, Little Man

Batman's supposed son Damien. I enjoyed the story of Batman #657 even though it revolved around the character of Batman's supposed son Damien, a freakish man-boy with the personality of a sociopath. Sometimes the most annoying characters can be incredibly entertaining.

I don't know if it's intentional or not (I think probably not), but throughout the book Damien is drawn with bizarre proportions and facial expressions that make it difficult to determine if he's a man or a boy. In the image shown here, he has a mature face and a longwaisted torso. I can't figure out his age at all--twelve, maybe?

For some reason, as I was reading, I kept being reminded of the Peter and Raymond recordings. Every time Damien opened his mouth I would hear in my head Shut Up, Little Man! Shut yer dirty little mouth.

A Visit with Joe

Drawing of a roman litter.I was a featured guest on my friend Joe's podcast this past week. In this edition, Joe is very depressed about the state of the world and he's looking for me to cheer him up. Let me tell you, if you think anything I say is going to cheer you up, you are in a very dire situation indeed. Nonetheless, I do try to shake him out of it, sharing my new and brilliant idea to replace all the cars in Los Angeles with litters. You can listen here.

Just like starting over

I've recently moved my site to a new host and in the process I've managed to botch things up. I can see now that it's going to take awhile to put things right, but since I want to continue to post, you're going to be seeing a different In Sequence until I get everything worked out. So welcome to In Sequence: Unplugged.

Comments closed temporarily

I'm closing comments for approximately one week while I take care of some backend stuff on In Sequence. I'll let readers know when they're open again.

Close calls

The Cute Little Red-Haired Girlfriend and I settled in this past Friday to watch Lucy Lawless perform in the final segment of Celebrity Duets. The show was built around a competition and Lucy came close to winning but wound up in second place. If you missed it, you can download clips from all of Lucy's performances or just view pics at Mary D.'s subsite devoted to the show. There's even more available at Lucy's official fan website, where Lucy is periodically posting, podcasting, and videocasting.

Earlier that day there had been another close call involving Lucy. I'd picked up a copy of the October 10 Advocate because there was a feature on Lucy focusing on her appearance on Celebrity Duets but also touching on other shows, including Battlestar Galactica. One of the questions asked in the interview was whether Lucy would be making an appearance on The L Word, a question that has crossed my mind, say, a zillion times.

As soon as I read Lucy's answer, I knew I had to call the Cute-Little-Red-Haired Girlfriend immediately and tell her about it. This was a mistake. Because Lucy's answer was that she had been considered for a role on The L Word, but hadn't gotten it--the role ultimately went to Karina Lombard. This tantalizing message, once delivered to the Girlfriend, almost resulted in the world's first death by completely unassisted orgasmic implosion. Just the thought of Lucy Lawless in The L Word was almost enough to do her in. It was a close call, but I am happy to report she made it through.

Incidentally, I thought I would report that I am not reading the new Xena comic books from Dynamite, though I have given them the once over. From what I've seen in the comic store and read online, they seem to be focused on or around the season two timeline, in a very Joxer-centric sort of world. I've been through too much blood, sweat and tears on the road to a fully acknowledged subtext to go back to stories where Joxer's courting Gabrielle.

Plus, if you've seen the covers of the Xena comics, you'll see they've drawn Xena's breasts all wrong. There's been a lot of focus on how to draw proper breasts in the comics blogosphere of late ("comics--the breastiest fandom of them all!"). However, this is not about "proper" it's about Xena. We have spent a long time observing Xena's breasts chez In Sequence and I can say with some authority that those are not the breasts you're looking for. (Ooops, that's another fandom entirely!)


Two girls kiss on cover of American VirginIt's true, it's official, it's confirmed. I, Teresa Ortega, will buy any comic book title that features two women kissing on the cover. I am powerless against it. So feel free to continue this trend, publishers, especially those of you pursuing the long tail--rest assured that this maneuver will gain you a sale with me, now and always.

While we're discussing lesbians, I noticed Yahoo! News seems to be getting into gay humor, or at least I supposed that was the purpose of their recent headline story, Finger length linked to female sporting potential. As always, the gay community appreciates your outreach.

Required upgrade

I've just upgraded the entire site, due to the release of a mandatory update to the Movable Type blogging system. If you're running MT, go check it out. I find these updates usually break something, so if you're a reader and run across something that doesn't look right, please give me a holler.

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