Still Drawn In

I'm still watching Drawn Together and enjoying it. I really like its time slot on Comedy Central, right after South Park. That way, if South Park hasn't blown my mind sufficiently (or if the episode has been censored), then I can always depend on Drawn Together to shred whatever is left of my sensibilities.

Somewhere over the course of season two, the Cute Little Red-Haired Girlfriend and I became big fans of the character Wooldoor Sockbat. We were very excited when we found video interviews with the voice talent behind all of the Drawn Together characters online, including the actor who voices our beloved Wooldoor. If you're a fan of the show, these interviews are great fun to watch. I wasn't aware that a single actor provided a voice for two of the main characters.

I know that Disney likes to call animation "the illusion of life," because in their aesthetic the job of the animator is to represent in a series of drawings the sense of liveliness or motion of a living character. But seeing these actors work really made me appreciate more the job of the voice actor in bringing animated drawings to life.