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Graphic persuasion


Watercolor of Kerry as a young man.As I was driving the busy 405 freeway the other day, I was taken by surprise by the work of the freeway blogger, whom I've written about before. To the side of the highway, there was a huge reproduction of the infamous hooded figure from the Abu Ghraib prison, an ominous reminder of the war.
Later that same day, I picked up the new issue of L.A. Weekly with this soulful portrait of a young John Kerry on the cover. By visiting the web site, I discovered it was one of two alternate covers, the other being a graphic representation of the Abu Ghraib photo.

Now that's Realistic Gaming

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Army ad with slogan "Like Xbox, only you die."I turned 40 this month, an occasion I was not particularly looking forward to. However, I did find one good reason to celebrate: it put me well past the age for the draft, even the ages 21-35 draft that has been rumored on the Internets.

I found this image on the site Enjoy the Draft, which has some useful information on why people think a U.S. draft is coming. The X-Box does seem to be the proto-warrior's console of choice these days. After the gaming companies have milked the current trend for military titles for all its worth, I think someone should make a survival horror game where you play as a veteran with PTSD trying to survive on a day-to-day basis.

I wish I could remember where I read one of my favorite stories about the draft, told by John Waters. He recounted how he was rejected by the draft board on examination and given a designation that is used rarely by the army to indicate an individual is unfit to serve. Waters said the only other person he ever met rejected with the same designation was Iggy Pop. I think that would make a great short bio film, "John Waters and Iggy Pop Before the Draft Board."

Don't ask

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An unfortunate thing happened recently involving my computer and a full cup of coffee. I won't go into details, but this event has kept me from my computer for a few days.

Fight the Power


What Cheney would look like as an orc chief.Even if you're not a gamer, you might want to check out the opening animation sequence for the Anti-Bush Game. Click "Play" to load the animation, then, since it's interactive, you'll need to click some more to keep it moving.

After you've seen the animated intro, you can take on the Bush baddies yourself by playing online or downloading the game for free. But beware! You will have to fight against the Toxic Cheney Robeast, pictured here in all his fearsome awfulness. I've heard this is what Cheney actually looks like after you've called his daughter a lesbian.

Great Recession Toon

Brother, Can You Spare a Job? is a pro-voting cartoon that draws parallels between the Great Depression and the "Great Recession," a term used by economist Paul Krugman to describe the current U.S. economy. The short cleverly borrows the stylings of '30s cartoons as well as familiar characters and themes from that era.

Fantasy on Deck

The latest newsletter from Aeclectic Tarot announced several new decks worth taking a look at, especially if you're a fan of fantasy art. The Tarot of Dreams deck boasts rich jewel tones as well as symbols and imagery that will be familiar to fantasy fans. The deck also comes with 40 "digital cards" in addition to the traditional card deck. It appears that you can use the digital card images in various ways, including as screen savers. Sounds like a nice addition.

The Baroque Bohemian Cat's Tarot won't be to everyone's taste, but I admit I thought it was pretty cute. It shows lots of fun "cat-centric" riffs on familiar Western paintings. The Gay Deck looks like a great choice for gay male tarot fans. It offers a same-sex visual interpretation of the cards, including the key "lovers" card. I like the contemporary look the artist has chosen. There are a few lesbian images, too, but it looks like the imagery is mostly male.

Virtual Street Encounter

On a recent Saturday, the Cute-Little-Red-Headed Girlfriend and I were stumbling out for breakfast at a local restaurant when I spied a mark on the sidewalk that looked familiar. It only took me a few seconds to recognize the blue 5 stenciled on the ground as the logo for 5., listed on my blogroll. (Incidentally, if you visit 5, check out Federico's hilarious photo essay documenting his work environment.)

I had just read Federico's post on making stencils, so I had a weird sense of deja vu, or perhaps virtual deja vu, about seeing this sign on the ground. His post had introduced me to Stencil Archive. This participatory site lets you browse stencil graffitti from around the world, including my hometown. From there I explored Beautiful Decay, which is about "Interior/Exterior Subculture," or street art. I was happy to find it online. I had once seen a 'zine with this intriguing title at my local newsstand and wanted to check it out, but I didn't pick it up at the time and then I could never find it again.


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It is foolish to resist the call of the online quiz. When it calls, you must answer. So after reading the results of Jeffrey's quiz-taking binge, I felt I had to go take one myself. And so I chose:

TV's Batman!
Congratulations! You're TV's Batman, the
Not-So-Dark-Knight Detective. A millionaire in
top physical condition with the latest
technology at your fingertips, your battle
against crime never ceases. But it's OK,
because your special young male friend is
constantly by your side. Remember him? You
picked him up at the circus, and he's been
yours to guide and nurture ever since. Some say
your relationship is "inappropriate,"
but they just don't know what it's like to be a
lonely man in blue, do they?

Which of TV's SuperFriends Are You?
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I love it when the results are just so right on.

I vant your vote

Portrait of Dubya as undead bloodsucking vampireI scrolled upon this political graphic the other day, while I was reading a wonderful screed by Dr. Menlo about the GOP and the Bush/Cheney Administration. This poster was done by Shepard Fairey of "Obey" fame. What's really great about it is you can use it as political wall art and a Halloween decoration at the same time. I'd love it if Fairey did a companion piece with Kerry as Van Helsing. Wouldn't he look great wrapped in a long flowing cape? How ironic that a cross would be his weapon.

I thought I'd take a moment to give a big shout out to the Republican National Committee! I saw your IP in my log files recently and I was absolutely blown away! Could that be you, Zell? I'm not sure why you're here, but I've heard Powell is a fan of Gizmodo and I thought, "maybe he likes comics and video games, too!" Of course, one of the main Google searches bringing readers to In Sequence is a search for "bra and panties," so maybe Ashcroft is my secret reader after all.

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