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And the crowd goes wild!


I love Teresa signs for Teresa Heinz KerryI really want one of those "I love Teresa" signs from the Democratic National Convention. I would also like an adoring admirer to carry it around behind me at all times. I have some self-esteem issues you know. I guess I'm not going to get either of those things, especially if I don't blog a bit more often.



The cover story of the July issue of Girlfriends magazine is devoted to "The Superheroines of Summer: Our Guide to the Lesbian Stories Behind the Blockbusters." Catwoman gets a write-up from DC writer Devin Grayson, who shares some of the history of the polymorphously perverse Bat Universe. In particular, she mentions Catwoman Selina Kyle's lesbian roommate, Holly, who doesn't appear in the film.

Queen Guinevere cocks an arrowAlso notable is the feature on Queen Guinevere's makeover into a warrior queen in the upcoming movie King Arthur, thanks to the input of star Keira Knightly. Guinevere looks like an Amazon! Girlfriends also reports that the movie Bend It Like Beckham, starring Knightly, was originally written with the two female characters being lovers, rather than friends. But like Catwoman's pal Holly, that story never made it to the screen.

Loony Croons

I was thrilled to read on Franklin's web site that the forthcoming DVD collection of Warner Bros. cartoons will include "What's Opera Doc?" The Cute Little Red-Haired Girlfriend got me the last collection for Xmas and I was surprised to see this classic wasn't included. I can't wait to hear Elmer Fudd croon, "oh, Bwunhilde!" to Bugs Bunny.

Firefly in Production

There's a blog for the forthcoming movie based on the Firefly TV series. The Universal movie site claims the release date is April 2005.

Mini Flashback

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Living in today's branded infoglut, it is sometimes difficult to keep track of all the little interesting bits and pieces of knowledge stuffed away somewhere in the old brainpan. When the lived environment is geared to impress the message "Coke" into your head in 40 different ways over the course of a single day, how can one possibly reflect on more worthwhile things, like, say, the Punic Wars?

That's what I was thinking the other day when I stumbled across Everything Toy Soldiers while browsing over at Incoming Signals. How long it's been since I thought about the Punic Wars, alas, how long! But Everything Toy Soliders reminded me with its miniature dioramas depicting various military battles. I was not only reminded of the Punic Wars, but also the Prussians, for god's sake, and the Greek Hoplites, and the Tartars. I feel so much smarter now.

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