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End of the Skindex

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I was amazed to read on Slashdot Games that Marvel decided to send the Skindex a threatening letter about its painstakingly rendered Marvel Superhero Sims. It's a good thing I downloaded the Marvel skins I wanted a long time ago. The action has shut down the Skindex as well as a site that mirrored andcontinued to build out from the Skindex skin set. It's just the kind of corporate action that brings the phrase "bite me" to the tip of the tongue.

Japanimation stockpile


From Blogjam comes this huge collection of Japanese Flash animations.

What did the president know...

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During the last few weeks, there has been a wave of Nixon-related material floating about. First, one of my blogrolled reads, No Sense of Place, pointed to an online reprint of Hunter S. Thompson's scathing eulogy written on the occasion of Nixon's death. I don't share Thompson's heated views, but I found it worthwhile--if only to see Bebe Rebozo's name in print.

Then my friend Neilalien unexpectedly linked to a poster of Nixon bowling. Suitable for framing, I think.

Next, several ex-Watergate folk came crawling out of the woodwork to comment on Bush's deceptions regarding Iraq's WMDs. Most notably, John Dean, of all people, published an article exploring the legal issues surrounding Bush's misleading statements and whether impeachment was a possibility.

Before I could ask myself WWND? (What Would Nixon Do?), U.S. senators were giving speeches referring to the administration's "prevarications." Columnist Paul Krugman upped the ante by using the word "lies."

I found it hard to know what to make of it all, until I stumbled upon Betty Bower's new Bush/Jesus '04 election campaign headquarters. Because, as Betty would say, destroying the country is an 8 year job!

Firefly on the big screen


An uplifting message landed in my mailbox recently concerning the ex-TV series Firefly. Apparently, it's going to be made into a movie, starring members of the original cast.

I'm of the opinion that many futuristic representations are about the present, not the future. That's why, for example, the Borg are so frightening to people. The cry "You will be assimilated!" strikes our hearts as a clear and present danger, not a far off threat.

The reason I liked Firefly so much was that it seemed to represent with fair accuracy what it's like for some of us live in the U.S. now. The story goes something like this: here we are, supposedly we have the whole universe laid out before us, yet all we can really do is scrounge around looking for work, doing business with unscrupulous people we'd rather not have to deal with, so that we can have enough money to fix our crappy transportation.

Sound familiar?

Settling in Now


So I'm back. It's going to take me awhile to restore the old In Sequence look and feel to all the new Movable Type-powered pages, but my weblog is up and everything is connected and working okay, so I expect to be posting more frequently again. I'll be introducing new Movable Type features and functionality to In Sequence as soon as I can figure out how to!

For the benefit of those considering a similar move, I thought I would briefly mention why I switched from Blogger to Movable Type. I think Blogger is a great free tool and perfect for anyone thinking of starting a weblog. It's easy and there's little commitment required. But I wanted some features, like permalinks, to work better, and I also wanted more advanced features like integrated comments.

I did a lot of comparison shopping before I settled on Movable Type. Nucleus was another final contender, but I chose MT instead because of its long track record and because I'm more conversant with Perl than PHP.

I was worried that it would be difficult to install MT but it was not that difficult. Most of my mistakes came from missing a step in the instructions, and they were easily fixed. The hard part was importing my entries from Blogger. In retrospect, I can see that the process is not that difficult--it's the fact that the documentation on this point is skimpy that makes it so trying.

I relied on numerous online resources to finally get the job done. It took me about ten tries, I would guess. Here's a few notes for posterity:

  • The import file needs to be uploaded to your server as a .txt file, not a .html file. Found this out in the Import problems discussion on MT Forums.

  • Your import file needs to be in the format described here. Many pitfalls await you if you do not conform to this specification exactly. To do this, I recommend opening up your file in a text editor and turning on invisibles, so that you can see returns and such like.

  • You also need to remove any encoded special characters from the import file. You may need to go over the file manually to make sure you get all of them out. This post proved informative on the subject.

Finally, I would not have been able to import my YACCS comments without the excellent tool for doing so provided by the ever-helpful Phil Ringnalda. Worked like a charm.

First MT Post


Please excuse our dust.

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