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Offbeat Westerns

The Cute Little Red-Headed Girlfriend and I recently went to the Gene Autry Museum of Western Heritage so that we could see the exhibit "The Jews of the West." While we were there, we also walked through the large collection of costumes and props from old Hollywood Westerns and serials. I know about Western serials mainly through my mother, who saw them in the theater every week while growing up and reminisces about them often.
I saw this week that Marvel is resurrecting an old Western figure, The Rawhide Kid, and remaking him as a gay character. I'm a little dubious about their intention to make him a camp character, as deliberate effort sometimes kills the spirit of camp and comes off as heavy-handed. Still, I will reserve judgment until the title appears.
My favorite Western these days is the TV series Firefly, which is a Western in space drag. They are even more beloved to me these days after the utterly gratuitous but well done lesbian scene they threw in last week. My readers--especially the lesbians (e.g., GreyBird), honorary lesbians, lesbians in the body of men (e.g. Mark, Joel), wannabe lesbians, bean bags (the opposite of fag hags, e.g., Joe), and straight guys who dig lesbians (e.g. Oscar Jerome)--should consider tuning in.
At the very least, it will be much, much better than last night's Extreme Makeover, which I sincerely regret having watched.

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One of these days I might. When we break down and buy cable.Tell me: did they attempt to authentically capture the west or did you get the feeling that there was a movie star gloss to the whole thing?

Firefly is on fox, so you don't need cable to watch it. Most of the major museums in L.A. have large collections that come from Hollywood, and there is always a risk that these elements will dominate, either because of the glamourness of the objects themselves or the sheer quantity of objects on display. However, I feel that the Autry Museum is very community-oriented and does a good job of representing a wide range of "heritages," despite the Hollywood influence. I felt that the "Jews of the West" show was very well curated.


Did you get my last email to you, T. with the official news that Firefly had been cancelled? :( I'm most disappointed. Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to seeing the lesbian stuff in the episode you mentioned (I'm terribly behind on all those tapes of shows I've been recording - I think I'm taping way too many Christmas specials and movies, including the wonderfully insipid and sentimental PAX made-for-TV movie I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus starring Corbin Bernsen and Connie Sellecca!)I had forgotten the designation of being a 'bean bag, a designation that I wear with pride!X,

Joe, Yes, I heard the news abut Firefly. I'm going to hold out hope that one of the other channels picks it up. Also, Joe, you are the perfect target market for a TIVO, since you hardly watch anything in real time. I'll be interested to hear how long you can go with this Christmas special thing.


I hear that TiVO acquires way too much personally identifable information on those who subscribe to it. Has anyone heard of this? Well?

Mark A. Hebert:

Let me whey? in here! TIVO is GOD!ahem...I am heartbroken by the loss of 'Firefly', am loving it. My wife and I watch everything in Tivotime.no Joe, it ain't so...Tivo collects nothing about your personal TV habit except as aggregate info. You can opt in to a more drilled down demographic use of your habits, but there is no guarantee your data will represent, especially if your habits show up as outlier alot.Myself, my theory is the more data out there, the easier it is to get lost in the shuffle; hence the information age while becoming more catholic where all knowledge is available is contrarily becoming more hermetic, and any specific truth is obscured by the datababal.So, come on Joe, don't be a sissy, join our gang...we are TIVO, T, I, V, O...Tivo is goood! Tivo is greaat! Tivo is noww! No, noww! Right, noww! Tivo is everytiime!I'd like to see it become a church and so maybe, through legislation, gain advertizing-exempt status, unless of course the money can be used to record two or more shows at a time.Tivo's of the world unite, you have nothing to lose except commercial induced bathroom breaks! (and maybe a little quality time with your family, but then your hobbies have already hacked that to a few exasperated sighs near bedtime.)Oh...and a very happy holiday to all this unterrorized season! I love the time you all take to share! Bless us each and every blog!M


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